Thursday, July 16, 2009

A drive in the countryside.

Last Sunday's run to Charleston began at the coffee shop in Burnside Village and wound through the hills on a scenic tour to the final destination. Jane and I live on the other side of the Barossa so elected to meet everyone at the pub rather that go down to Adelaide and then come back out again. We had a nice drive too, a very nice drive. There is so much to see on the way and there are so many ways to go. I don't think we will ever run out of alternatives. Might be time for a President's Trial soon. We travelled from Angaston to Eden Valley to Springton to Mount Pleasant to Birdwood to Mount Torrens to Charleston which is not surprising but getting to Angaston saw us going through Ebenezer, Stockwell and Penrice and going home we went via Moculta and Truro. This is the Charleston Hotel. It's a good little pub and our hosts were very nice. We'll have to go there again I reckon.
And here is Norm getting a charge.

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Jim said...

I would have thought Viagra would be the way to go for Norm. Though, it would be more expensive which may be a consideration