Monday, July 13, 2009

1935 SS1 Airline saloon

When I was really young, like in my teens, there was a wreck of a car way down the back of a large block of land and under a tree that sat there for years and years. It was on Sunnyside Road, up in the twisty end, the Glen Osmond end. I bet there's no vacant blocks around there these days. The car was an Airline bodied SS. I'm sure others would remember it. Anyway I really loved the shape and went to the trouble of tracking down the landowner who wasn't all that aware of the car's existance and didn't want the old wreck anyhow. Unfortunately I didn't have the wherewithall or the determination to get it out of there I guess. If I remember correctly it had bushes growing up through the chassis and it wouldn't have been too easy towing an old car with flat tyres on my bike anyway. Over the years I managed to get over it all but the car sat there for a very long time. What got me thinking about it was this car below. Rainsfords have it for sale for $150,000. I wonder if it's the same one. Could be. They didn't make too many with the Airline body.

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Colin said...

In a paddock at the rear of Brompton there was a Mk 4 jag and a Lagonda in similar condition. I tried and tried to buy them but owner was not selling. Years later the Lagonda was eventually restored at a shop in Hawker Street and sold for huge dollars.