Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where is it now?.......No.9

This is B8/62 and was once owned by John Katona. This photo was taken by Henry at a Show & Tell after it was rebodied. It turned up briefly at the Bairnsdale Easter, still in John's hands and still with the stickers. Some time later there was a comprehensive article on the car in Unique Cars. As a result of the article, it sold via that magazine for $75,000. Everybody was amazed at that extraordinary figure. These days it's no longer amazing. I haven't heard of it since then. The other question is....whatever happened to the original body? At least I know what has happened to all the 260Z bonnet vents.

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Jim said...

The original body was sandblasted and regelcoated and replaced a Mk7 body on a 7 that had previously been rechassied with one of Royce's spaceframes. It belonged to a guy named Drew. Can't remember his surname now. I dont know if the car was finished. I'm pretty sure it ran a red motor (i.e standard 7)

Now the question is where did the original chassis and also the original 7 body (which was pretty presentable from memory) end up? !! This mix and match is fun, isn't it!