Friday, July 10, 2009

B8/107 (1)

Both these cars below are B8/107. Doesn't look like it really. Full story tomorrow.
I love this shot, looks like a 3-wheeler. Must be the angle.


Colin said...

Over time Coupes appear to be an endangered species due to their conversion to Sports.

Anonymous said...

Dennis badly damaged B8/107 and swapped it with Royce for his personal Fibrecar F8/48(No idea why that particular No. - the Red Sports in your photos), Dennis owned this car when still in Vic. registered BOLLY8.
Royce kept B8/107 and Richard Windham took it to Qld after Royce died, the car was rebuilt possibly with a spaceframe chassis and a new Sports body then sold to someone in Canberra (?). What happened to the original body and chassis? Another interesting story.