Monday, July 27, 2009

A pictorial history of B8/46 - part 2

In 1977 AIR had a round of the Australian Sports Car Championship and the big black Bolwell was one of four (and the highest placed) Nagaris at the event. Allan Hanns was still in his Datsun and Robbie Rowlands was still in a Healey then. Another big black car was Rusty French's Pantera (still no match for the Allan Hamilton Porsche).
Here's a few Nagaris in the pits and among the people here are Beven, Barry's bum, Tim Sherman, Maryanne Van Elsen, Bobbie Gay and Bruce Tonkin.Some time later Barry picked up a reasonably substantial sponsorship package from Brian Wood Ford hence the change of colour scheme to that beautiful blue with the red and yellow stripes, just like Murray Carter's Falcon. The Bridge Hotel was Barry's pub at Werribee and that's Barry's off-sider, Norm Hamilton giving him some last-minute instructions.
The sponsorship didn't go as far as getting the Bolwell into this snazzy transporter but the grandstand on top was pretty nice.
Finally, here's one of B8/46 at Baskerville after an allmighty spin and stall.

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