Monday, July 13, 2009

Mark 7 pictorial

Here are a few more shots of Phil and Rita's Mark 7 taken outside the Charleston Hotel yesterday. This is, of course, "the car that Sam built" in NSW. Sam's dad bought it for him when he was eight years old I believe and the meticulous build took 18 years. Eventually, with Sam now in his twenties, the Bolwell reluctantly had to go to provide a deposit on "the first home". Sam's loss is Phil and Rita's gain and they're loving it.
Picture 1 shows Rita, Sarah, Norm and John (L) behind the car. 2. Front view shows the low stance of the car.
3. I recognise that spoiler. It was actually designed to fit the exact shape of the Nagari front but it doesn't look too bad on the Mark 7 either. I almost fell over the mould for it in the shed when I got home.
4. Attention to detail is just as amazing under the bonnet as well.
5. The leather upholstery has a nice feel to it.

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sam said...

Great to see the car out and about looking as sexy as always. I cant wait to hear about it once you guys organise a track day and more importantly how well it became teh leader of the pack :) enjoy