Friday, July 3, 2009

B8/62 to B7/357S

In the previous post I posed the question - what happened to the original Nagari body and if you check the comments part at the bottom of the post you will see that Jim has answered that - it is mounted on a Mark 7 chassis. If I were naive I should now ask - "what was wrong with the old body?" but I didn't spend all of those years getting that accounting diploma for nothing. Anyway, the original body was married to a Mark 7 space frame chassis, the car being built by Drew Hunter and subsequently sold to John Egglestone of Echuca. It carries the very authentic looking chassis number B7/357S. I presume the "S" stands for "sports". The photo below is from the Henry Stork collection and was taken at a Show & Tell, year unknown. It's certainly a smart looking unit. In the May 2002 edition of Slipstream Victoria, John placed the following ad - For sale - Nagari convertible, space frame chassis, Leyland P76 4.4 ltr V8, Celica 5-speed, 3.08 diff, Holden front end, modified Meteor dash, 1990 restoration, $16,000. The car was bought by Gary Williamson and went to NSW.
Peter G reckons "Jim's question is very relevant, what happened to the original 7 body and chassis, for that matter I suspect a lot of chassis' were destroyed in the 80's when replaced with space frames."

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John L said...

I'm learning about these Mark 7 chassis numbers all the time. A nice blue V8 Mark 7 has turned up in Adelaide. It has chassis number B7/323K. Does the K stand for Kadala?