Thursday, July 23, 2009

The many colours of 38 (part 1)

Further to Peter's comments about this car's many guises, here are just a few of them. I am using the word "few" genuinely because there are others that I am not including in this 2 part series of 8 for copyright reasons so if you have photos in your collection that could be added, please feel free to send them in.
Photo 1 is where it all began when Ranald introduced the car to Sportscar racing.Photo 2 still in Ranald's hands but now with red and yellow stripes through the centre.
Photo 3 after a couple of other colour schemes it became red and white as Ranald secured some assistance from Litre Motors. The wheels and flares are a bit wider here. As time goes on you will notice the flares growing even larger.
Photo 4, now in the hands of John Gourlay it becomes a deeper blue with a yellow hip line.

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