Thursday, July 23, 2009

The many colours of 38 (part 2)

Photo 5. John in the multi-coloured Bolwell lined up at Calder alongside the previous owner in his TVR Griffith V8.
Photo 6 shows the car in the black, red and yellow colours of sponsors Contour Photographic Images.
Photo 7. All black at a Show'n'Tell in 1984.Photo 8. One year later as a road car at an Easter event. It's the one on the left of course. So far this is it's last colour.


Anonymous said...

Sorry John, photo #7 is not B8/38 but the Super Nagari!

John L said...

Oh well. You guys are the experts.

Anonymous said...

X - being an unknown quantity, & SPURT - a drip under pressure.