Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A pictorial history of B8/46 - part 3.

When CAMS in their wisdom decided to allocate the Australian Sports Car Championship to a different branch of sports car racing, it left a large number of people with huge investments in their cars with nowhere to race except in insignificant club events. Barry decided to put his car on the market but for the above reason, buyers were a bit thin on the ground. Eventually he decided to dismantle it and sell the bits. Naturally, after all those years of racing, the chassis was well sorted and developed and Rob Luck bought it to form the basis of his concept car (below).
The body went to become part of the Holden V8 powered car built by John Van Wokum. I don't know John personally, it's a fact of life that you can't know everybody, and I've seen his last name spelt in a variety of ways, so, in advance, I'm making my apology for possible bad spelling. I believe John is one of those Bolwell stalwarts from way back because his name crops up from time to time in conversations about Mark 4s and Mark 7s.
Anyway, he built this rather different looking Nagari with very substantial "T" roof and flat side glass.
Many years later the car turned up in Western Australia in rather poor condition I'm told. A very impressive restoration job has been done on it as you can see from these two photographs below.

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