Thursday, July 30, 2009

Leyburn is coming.

The Leyburn Sprints are coming up on August 15th & 16th. John Davies has his entry confirmed. He comments that the entry list is interesting as in addition to B8/26, there is the Peter Kordic Mark 7, the 2 Hinton Milanos, John Goodwin's Milano (no, not the Bolwell John Goodwin), Whelan's Fairthorpe Electron Minor, Bevan Batham's genuine 1962 Elfin Mallala and Centaurs, about 8 Ford V8 side valve specials and of course many of John's MGCCQ friends in their various interesting cars. There's lots of other very interesting entries too. I now know where all of the XYGTs have gone although how many are genuine I'm not sure. I'll post the list shortly, as soon as this computer starts to behave itself again.

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