Saturday, August 14, 2010

The yellow Mark 7 mystery.

Well, it's not really a mystery I guess. Remember a month ago Tim posed the question about which Mark 7 this one was? It's an old photo taken at Lakeland hillclimb.My answer, and I'm sure I'm right, is that it is the former Royce Marion car and here it is competing at a later Calder 6-hour.This car has rather distinctive rear treatment.Colin cast doubts based on a different rego number and different door handles. The car in the original photo had the number KTO-325 and Colin had a photo of Royce's car with the number JYU-731 and the different door handles. Well, here is a picture of KTO-325 and JYU-731 taken together at the previous 6-Hour. As you can see, KTO-325 has the distinctive rear treatment.Maybe the other car is Frank Rushton's (below), in the same team that year and , note the different door handles.Sadly, Frank's Mark 7, along with the white one of Johnny Szabo, was lost forever in the Victorian bushfires last year.


Anonymous said...

All these photos were before my time, but are all the photos of Frank Rushton's car? they all seem to have that very unusual rounded lower door corner.


John L said...

I thought it might be a Gippsland thing with all those Electricity Commission people with their Mark7s down there but it seems that it was only Doug and Frank that had the rounded doors.

Anonymous said...

On further reflection of my old photos I think the car featured was actually Doug Seaths.


dougseath said...

Bolwell reg KTO325 was indeed Doug Seath (mine). Great to see photos of her.