Monday, August 30, 2010

Dinky - The 70s and now.

I say 70s because these first 3 photos were taken at the Easter event at Hamilton in 1976 when owned by Peter and Judy Jones. As you can see, it still has the Holden engine and carries the ILV-170 rego.The following year it appeared at the Mt. Gambier Easter in the same form but I think it had the Globemasters by then. I reckon those photos from Peter Chandler were taken in the Jones era.
This is the rebodied car in 1979 at Calder for the release of the Ikara.
It's not a lot different today.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how many MK4 coupes remain?

John L said...

Not really sure. I've known of a few over the years including a couple of Peugeot powered ones, one in Sydney, one in Melbourne. See my 4A coupes post tonight.