Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dinky - The early days

From time to time I hear from Dave Chandler, the original owner/builder of the 4A coupe we later came to know as "Dinky". This I enjoy, because David is always good for an interesting story, like his road battles with the Honda 750/4s of the time (which is a fair indication of the power of the grey Holden equipped car back then) and the fact that Peter Holinger made the wishbones for it (and they're still with the car today) and while at the Holinger workshop, Sir Jack would wander in for a chat (in town for the Tasman Cup race of that particular year). Anyway, a while back, Dave sent me some photos of the car and it is time I shared them.That baby-poo colour was actually a popular Porsche colour back then. I just happen to have forgotten the name but it was something exotic like Desert Sand. Someone will remind me.As you can see there wasn't a lot of room in the coupe and Dave was more comfortable driving it with the doors off. It saved having that crick in the neck. I can attest to that.KLU-077 was its first number. It changed not long after, I'm not sure why.

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