Tuesday, August 24, 2010

McArlus - a proven race car for sale.

This is Simon's present McArlus. As you know he's building another one. He's decided not to run again until the new car is ready.
$22,000 seems a pretty fair price for such a well sorted car as this. It will do a 1.36 lap on secondhand Formula Ford tyres on the long track at Winton. Compare this to the lap record of 1.32 for an Aussie Race Car and 1.32 for John Bowe in his Historic Touring Mustang.Last year, in the tradition of Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren, Simon won the AASA Sprint Series in this car, a car that he had designed and built himself, and , although it is not named after him, it is, at least partly, named after his brother.This is the Denny Hulme McLaren M8A on which the McArlus is based, albeit in about 3/4 scale.Simon would love the car to stay in Victoria, only so that at some stage there could be three of these cars running together, "but that's not imperative".
Contact Simon at sarahsimon1@iprimus.com.au


Anonymous said...

Thanks John,
Sounds so good I'd buy it myself, if I didn't already own it!
Simon W

sweepstaker said...

i think instead of yellow, it should be in red
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Umesh said...

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