Saturday, August 21, 2010

Leyburn today

Neil, in Brisbane, (of Jowett/Italia fame) was at Leyburn today and sent me this photo.
Thanks Neil, and good on you John. I hope you go well tomorrow too.


jed262626 said...

The results from the event -
Barry Campbell Mk7 59.62s was second in class to Jason Lea's Datsun 2000 54.87s.

I was also 2nd in class 58.24s to the Leyford GT 52.98s.

The event was won by Ray Vandersee in the Skelta 48.98s.

New track surface was very good without any stone dmage this year.

Now we are off to Speed on Tweed on the 11/12 Sept as the only Bolwell entered. There are 13 in my class including Ray Vandersee, John Siddons of Targa fame add Roy Davis in a racing Triumph GY6.

John Goodwin has entered his 1959 1300cc JWF Milano for its first run and Paul Manton is in his 1864 Valano GT.

My mate Mark Trenoweth has entered John McCormack in the 1979 Jaguar XJS Sports Sedan that John used to own and race. A nice touch I thought.


jed262626 said...

Forgot to say that we had a long chat with Barry Currie from WA.
Nice chap and I am very jealous of his MkIV.

John L said...

Aren't we all, John.