Sunday, August 1, 2010

This weekend

This weekend was Roger's big six-oh so we went down to town for the big bash on Saturday night at the Blackwood RSL. We took the camper and took a spot for the night in National Park. Belair and Blackwood have changed so much in recent times. The Sunset Coffee Lounge where we used to go for folk music is now a home loan office for example. We went to Fantis' Fish and Chip Shop to pick up something for tea only to find no-one from the Fantis family were there any more. The faded photos from the Greek Islands were still on the walls and most of the tucker seemed the same. We were greeted by the smiling new owners, a Chinese couple who had slightly changed the menu by adding spring rolls to the fare. Anyway, I had to show you this, parked out the front, a Chrysler 300, a little longer than usual you might say. The back door is several paces away. What you would do with something like this I'm not sure, but with a pop-top fitted it might make a good camper. Anyhow, off to the show. Lo-and -behold, in the bar next door is Frank, an old friend that had been out of my life for way in excess of 30 years. He's a bit wider than when I knew him but he's doing OK.This is the band that was at the bash, the Bluescasters, a bunch of rowdy old blokes that could really knock out some decent Rock 'n' Roll.
The Goodwins were there from Victoria but there didn't seem much chance to say anything beyond G'day while we waited for a break in the music.
This was the standard of the cars out the front. The campervan was down the road.
It was a good night and when we made it back to the camping ground we had a good sleep, interrupted only occasionally by the local lads doing their burnouts on the wet roads.
Finally, this big Stuart Hoerisch painting is coming to a bedroom near me. It must be seen in the flesh to be appreciated.


Colin said...

Come on JL. thats an R 170 and with the pissy tyres its probably got a 2.3L motor and must be years old. I think you should have parked the camper right next to it. the camper is far more useful than any 230 powered 170 Benz. probably faster too.

Colin said...

BTW I like the painting. makes me think of " the Snake" which is a Nolan dreamtime masterpiece. Nolan did 3 major works in his series - the Snake, the Shark and Paradise Garden. It has always been my dream to buy the Snake given its dreamtime theme and such. very very Australian even though painted while Nolan was living in England. I do not know where Paradise Gardens is but the Shark hangs in the Arts Centre in Melbourne.