Thursday, August 19, 2010

1995 - A Good Targa Year.

Some magazine clippings from Peter G's collection. He asked me if I knew these cars. Well, not really, except for the Nagari. There are readers out there who know them well and I, for one, would like to learn more. The WA Mark 7 of Trevor Eastwood looks the goods with its louvered bonnet and tiny headlights etc, etc.The Rawlings - Palmer Mark 7. My guess is it's a local Tasmanian car.The "City of Cairns" above the windscreen is a clue to this one with the then owner in the passenger seat on this occasion.


Anonymous said...

Notice the flat bonnet and open/ lack of, 1/4 windows on the red car.
Does the yellow car have a smaller grill opening or is it an illusion?

John L said...

It looks tiny to me.

geoff eastwood said...

I built the car for Trevor and still own it .I`m modifying it for racing at the moment can check it out at bolwellmk7 race blog Geoff

Anonymous said...

The Rawlings - Palmer Bolwell Mk 7,
My dad is the Palmer, navigating!
Yes it is a local Tasmanian Car,
It is currently living in Launceston, still owned by Mr. Rawlings. (First names ommitted for privacy)