Saturday, August 14, 2010

McArlus Cars - 3

Next episode - Painted components.

I’ve picked the car up from having the exhaust made, although I can’t show it yet as it is still to arrive from the ceramic coating.

In the meantime I have been painting what seems like a million suspension and other moving pieces that will fit to the chassis. At first I used a high pressure siphon spray gun, but when that gave up I bought a low pressure high volume gun and the reduction in overspray in my garage is most welcome.

With the chassis back, I reset it in the jig so that I could do at least a rough wheel alignment in the jig. Each corner is bolted together and using laser levels and plumb bobs is then adjusted to align with my design suspension marks on the table.

This is a time consuming and laborious task.

An adjustment on one link might need separate adjustment on another, all of which needs to be checked each step of the way.

I have tried to get align of the lower ball joints in as close to their design specs as I can, I thought that if I have at least got those in the correct spot, I will know that the car is square and parallel to start with.

Once the cars arte finished it will give us a solid point to start with.

Now that this is done, the large immovable table that one chassis was built on can be dismantled after having walked around it for years.

The first few pictures show a few of the moving parts that fit into the chassis, and the last few show how they look assembled.

The reason why the yellow level is in the picture is because the parts on the LHS are custom made or modified from standard, while those on the RHS are straight from the donor car.



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david said...

i am really excited to see a photo of this car when it is ready!