Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anyone know this Mark 7?

Col Watson has had an enquiry from a former Mark 7 owner wondering if anybody recalls this car. His description is below. There are a number of distinguishing things on the car. Does anybody know it? (Especially the guys in WA). Col thinks it might be the Ron Westren Mark 7 but I'm pretty sure that car didn't ever live in the West.

I bought my Mk7 in Melbourne in ‘73 assembled and after a minor prang rebuilt it extensively in ‘74/’75 while I was stationed at Naval Air Station Nowra. I drove it up and down the East Coast and eventually to Port Pirie where it went on the train with me to Kalgoorlie from where I drove it to Perth on posting to RAAF Pearce WA. I finally sold it to a young guy in Perth in about ’77 who subsequently had an accident with it and gave the police my name! Ho hum. At that point I lost touch with the car and have often wondered if it was saved from the scrap heap. I must say it was a great little car to drive, attracted the girls, which was important at the time :O) , and it took me everywhere. Something tells me it may have eventually been painted red, I’m not sure about that though. I installed a roof console during the rebuild, which may help to identify it as I haven’t seen any other Mk 7s with one.

The piccies are all prior to the rebuild

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