Monday, August 23, 2010

Eastern Creek yesterday

The big Eastern Creek do happened yesterday and Peter Marr took a few shots with his phone. There were 10 Bollies there including these 3 from Victoria. Ron and Carol MacPherson, John and Penny Hartney and Phil White and Pete Garvin all drove up for the occasion.The above red Mark 7 with the mesh grille (no.327) is one Peter Marr used to own. This is the one that he bought in Queensland years ago. It had had the roof cut off but it was never finished as a sport. Now it has a new roof and hatch fitted to it and it looks great.
The one next to it is the "Mark 7 with the Nagari doors".


Anonymous said...

A fabulous time was spent by us Victorians, it was great to meet and renew old associations, and to gather more info for my Nagari project. It was also fantastic to see and hear about cars, I had little knowledge of.
Best of all it was wonderful for to be in Phil's Nagari Sports for 1,750Km. It is a very solid car, and shows how good an 'original' chassied Nagari can be, especially one with such an early number, I cant praise the car and Phil highly enough, a fantastic solid, totally reliable car. BTW, the roof stayed securely in the boot for the entire trip, as a result I have a very red face and dry lips.
I feel a little embarrassed to have stored my Sports for so long, I need to return it to its rightful place, the road.
Thanks to the NSW Club and my fellow Vic. travellers, a fantastic weekend, we should do more!


frontdrive34 said...

It was great to see so many Bolwell cars at Eastern Creek last Sunday. I'd actually forgotten they existed (even with having a friend who owned several in the 1980's).

Can you tell me moe about this one I photographed?

John L said...

Hi Frontdrive, That number you quoted took me nowhere but I have noticed 3 Bolwell photos in your Flickr album. So, are you talking about the blue Mark 4 of Col from NSW or the yellow Mark 7 of John from Victoria?
A Citroen man I see.

frontdrive34 said...

Oh sorry about the dead link. Info on all my pics would be great but I especially loved the yellow one!

mkpunkt said...

Nice entry. I'm waiting for a new one :)