Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dinky - Further on

Some time before Dave gave me the photos in yesterday's posts, his son Peter had sent me these three of the same car which, he thought, was then in the hands of John White.It's the same car alright although it now has a different reg. no. but John says "that's not the car I had, mine was a different one".
Tony Shaw writes, in his HISTORY OF BOLWELL,
"John White, one of the founding members of the Bolwell Car Club, bought his Bolwell Mk4 GT in 1963, fitted it with a hot MGA 1600 engine and has many fond memories of club racing."
Dave didn't finish his car and register it until 1968. The car in these photos has the Holden engine which can be seen protruding through the bonnet. Peter Jones used the car in this form for some time before changing to the Corolla unit.
When Dave eventually sold it, it was bought by a teenage new driver with no realisation of its speed potential, just as his parents were unaware of his purchase. Consequently, it was re-sold very quickly and Peter had thought it was John who had bought it. I'm wondering if there was another owner prior to the Jones' custodianship and what happened to John's coupe?

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