Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marauder car body

This happy bloke is Paul. He's looking so pleased with himself because he's just tied down the Dino replica body he's bought in readiness for the long trip home. He's from up Gosford way.
I, for one, am looking forward to some progress reports once construction gets under way.Yes, that particular body has been sold. It's funny, over the last month, there were more people interested in it than you could poke a stick at. Well, Paul's bought it, but to those who didn't, don't despair. When you're ready, the team can always build you another one.
Here's a couple of close-ups. There's a few extra moulds. You can have it with the scoops on the side or without for example.
These are the moulds for the original Marauder. Garry warren has found this article from Sports Car World Quarterly from the early nineties. There were a number of Marauders made but eventually the business was liquidated and Geoff Tan bought the body moulds at an auction at Wingfield. Geoff was a high school teacher and the mould was used training composites students. Unfortunately Geoff became another cancer victim but managed to complete his own Marauder before he died, which, I believe, is still kept by the family.
The moulds are kept at Murray Bridge High School and, as I intimated before, if you would like a body made for you, the students can make you one under the watchful eye of Norm Clements.
Apart from the VW Type 3 chassis, we have also heard that the body can go on to Porsche 914s and the Lancia Monte Carlo (there may be others). The 914 wasn't sold new in Australia but old ones are incredibly cheap in America now (less than $3000) and some people are bringing them over to use in Historic racing.

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