Thursday, August 5, 2010

Leyburn Sprints 2010

"Election day, August 21, in the usually peaceful Darling Downs township of Leyburn is likely to be one of the busiest and noisiest on record when the Leyburn Sprints attracts thousands of people to watch the round-the-houses time trials - and vote."
That's the opening paragraph in this week's media release.
John Davies wrote yesterday:-
"Attached is the map for Leyburn this year, with the new you beaut mega-dollar resurface. Just as well after the loose surface last year...
I am entered as is Barry Campbell in the red Mk 7 with the fairing over the headlights. I believe it is an ex-race car.
In my class I should run 2nd as I only have to beat a V8 engined TC. I have no chance of beating the other car which is a P76 engined Leyford GT race car.
This is better than the inaugural Rockhampton Sprints we ran at 2 weeks ago where I was in the same class as Ray Vandersee's Skelta!!!
Peter Kordic has not entered his beautiful Mk7 this year, I do not know why not.
Then in 2 weeks after Leyburn we are off to Speed on Tweed but without our supporting WRC round this year. I am told they will be back to support us next year."

Anyway, here's the map and the idea is to run around the pink bits.
Incidentally, Stacey you were looking for Mark 7 headlight covers or a mould for them. Maybe you could talk to Barry Campbell.

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