Monday, April 27, 2009

Nagari coupes and Easter

Even though they were outnumbered two to one by the rarer Nagari convertibles, there were two very nice Nagari coupes at the Easter gathering this year.
This one is B8/76, the glorious sounding 351HO coupe of Pete Schmidt's which managed to return home completely unscathed compared to a trip to Mildura a few years ago. This yellow coupe is B8/36 of Henry Stork's on its first long trip following an extensive update and refurbishment.
And here is the EFI system we were all waiting to see.
There were in fact three coupes attending this year as Michael Radin brought along B8/110, arriving at Birdwood with his houseguests from Perth in the M5 just after most of us had slipped up the road to the pub and missed him.
It was, in fact, something of a homecoming for B8/110 because it used to live at the museum. Here it is after being brought out into the sunshine and photographed on the back lawn a mere 100 yards from where we had our concours. The occasion was a feature in "Australian Classic Car" where a competition winner got to actually drive the car he had always dreamed about.
Almost unrecognised I guess, with its different wheels, different bonnet scoop, different shade of red and still with its sunroof.

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