Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ikaras and Easter

They only made a dozen Ikaras and two of those went overseas so it was amazing that so many Ikara people attended this last Easter. There was Rick Dathan, Graham Nichols, Henry Stork, Ross Lowe, Kevin Ratsch and John Low that I can think of yet the only sign of an Ikara was printed on Henry's T-shirt. There was one registered and going Ikara garaged nearby but its owner, Tony Rolton was holidaying in Bali. I can think of 5 Ikaras that have attended Easters in the past, 2 black ones, 2 red ones and a yellow one.


John L said...

One of those black ones has been to an Easter on more than one occasion and the first time, with a previous owner, it was light blue.

Anonymous said...

I hope GN wasn't driving whilst talking on the phone a big NO NO here in Vic.
They must be in motion: JL is trying to hold onto his hat so it won't blow off, those pesky things that the dog keeps bringing back (throwing sticks) are not very aerodynamic!!

southaussie said...

Who is this Victorian Ikara knocker?