Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another Victorian idiosyncrasy

Have I discovered another Victorian idiosyncrasy? 3 Nagaris came from Victoria this year. Look at their bonnet scoops.


Anonymous said...

That bulge and scoop has been around since the early 80's when JR developed it for the Black Beast, I think Royce had moulds, and I can't remember Henrys car without it.


Anonymous said...

Why did those Victorians alter Campbell Bolwells design of the Nagari scoop?

John L said...

The legendary John R developed it for his car I'm told. He's made a bonnet mould incorporating that scoop and occasionally has allowed his friends to use it. It's how I remember Henry's car for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

JR's beast was no.52 so it would originally had a small scoop. It was at some time changed to the later larger (or Cleveland) scoop as have most early cars! JR simply modified Campbells or was it Graemes' original second bulge, or was that the third bulge, remember the first car had the bulge back-to-front with the opening toward the front, and still what about the 6cyl and Pinto Nagaris' they had the small bulge on the lhs (a'la Mk7) or an individually styled bulge, yet still what about the original press photos of #1 car with no bulge! I think I recall a post saying that the car was a non runner because a carb. couldn't be fitted!
I have been told over the years that its a National Sport to alter Bolwells, look at the variation in taillights, mirrors, Mk7 Sports, sunroors, spoilers, front parker/blinkers etc. etc.

Viva La Difference!!