Friday, April 24, 2009

Dave Ecclestone's - Bolwell Mk 7

An email:-

Hi guys

Was a long time ago that I built my Mk7 - in 1970 - was red - first registered in NSW as AIO752 - saw it again many years ago in a dealer's yard then painted yellow - rego LIZ--- Build No was 316 or 319 ?? on the compliance plate.

I wonder if she is still on the road or if she has gone to the land of parts ??

Any records guys ???

As you can see I am still playing with plastic toys.

All the best.



This looks very much like a Glasair SH2 TD. These were good quality "Amateur Aircraft Kits" made in Arlington, Washington and marketed in kit form for home builders. The SH2 tells us that it would be a 4-cylinder model as opposed to the larger 6-cylinder ones. The TD refers to the landing gear, this one being a "tail dragger". Is this a natural progression for car builders to move on to planes? Roger Trethewey is now building up a plane down at Goolwa airport.

As for your Mark 7, Dave, by having your email on this blog, a reader may recognise it and let us know.


Graeme said...

Hi Dave. We've just acquired a Mk VII said to be a 69 build. Its early rego was LIZ 061.
Is this the same car?
It needs work so it'll take the 2 of us to get this baby back on the road!

Graeme & Peter

Graham said...

Hi Dave - I remember you from the Bolwell days in the 70s in Sydney. I lost track of you by the time my MK7 was finished in 1973, but did cross paths with you at an airshow and learned your were campaigning a Wingding. I'm currently rebuilding the MK7 after an head on (not my fault)but the insurance went a long way to building a house and the Bolwell was put on hold. Today is my first look at the Bollyblog and happened upon your name and photo of the Glassair. Hope to touch base sometime. Cheers, Graham Ferguson