Saturday, April 25, 2009

John Scott's MG Milano for sale on ebay.

1959 MG MILANO Historic Racing Car. Historically significant group Lb sports racing car built and driven by Bruce Leer and raced successfully against Coopers and Lotus cars into the early 1960's. Won best restoration in 1985 and raced successfully in historic events by owner mechanic John Scott. Has won Frank Gardener trophy three times for Lb cars. Recently acquired MGTF1500 engine rebuilt and fitted with billet steel crankshaft, Argo conrods, forged pistons, steel flywheel, extensively modified cylinder head and valve gear. Produces 87 BHP at 6500RPM at rear wheels and weighs only 500Kgs. 10inch brakes with specially made drums are adequate. Strengthened MGJ2 chassis, Needham c/r MGTC gearbox and BMCA diff centre give excellent performance. Has many wins to its credit. Original fibreglass body replaced with lighter unit by Sam Johnson of JWF fibreglass in 1985, shape similar to 1955 Monza Ferrari. Very reliable. Handles extremely well so is very easy to drive. Comes with many spares and single axle trailer. Track times: Eastern Creek 2.00 mins. Wakefield Park 1min. 16 secs. Car is in excellent condition and ready to race.

If interested phone John Scott. Mobile:0433405649
Thanks Steve Murphy for finding this one.

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