Friday, October 30, 2009

4 Datsuns and a mystery man.

At Collingrove the other day, here's that Datto 1600 mentioned earlier. It's Haydn Clark. Boy, was he quick! You'd have to be to beat Peter Hall.
And here's Peter, going about his business.
Here's Kevin Mackrell. How do you beat him and his 6585cc (that's a lot more than 2600) Chev powered Z? Not allow his time for taking out the white posts at turn 1, that's how. I don't like this white post business. They didn't have them in my day. Do you remember them, Wayne? What's wrong with clipping the grass a bit? Remember Stan Keen?
And this is the 240Z shared by Chris Ferguson and Andre Lukasz. They're getting quicker and quicker too.
Who's that hiding under his Clipsal bucket hat and dark sunnies - going incognito? It's Trevor Unsworth. Who's he hiding from I wonder? Got to wave the red flag at least a couple of times.

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