Saturday, October 24, 2009

People you'll know at Lobethal.

This is Peter Strauss, belted up and waiting to get out on the track in the XK140. Peter, as you know, has the beautiful black ex-Webb/Kluver Nagari roadster and the Elva BMW waiting in Europe for him to come and race. These events at Lobethal are not races but "spirited demonstrations" and to keep a lid on things they have the odd radar out. On the Sunday, I did hear that it was a deep red XK140 that fell foul of the radar traps. Not sure what speeds were clocked. Not sure which XK Jag it was either. Only noticed one deep red one though. It can happen to anyone. It was Smeetsy in the Milano last year.Ken Messenger was there in the DBR2 replica again. He was a bit "out of control" too but you know Ken.
Trevor Lambert had the old Overland record breaker there. It didn't put a foot wrong all weekend, except for throwing a tread on one of those ancient tyres. Bit of a learning curve for Trevor and Roger Trethewey on tyre changing from the 20s. The wheel doesnt come off, just the rim. Not as quick as the Elfin or the Bolwell but it accounts for itself pretty well nevertheless.
Here's TC disappearing out of the frame with his mate from Sydney. It was a real Alfa weekend and I'll show you the 2 P3s later.
Here's Geoff Redin contemplating his navel or falling asleep in Ral Rainsford's Uffindel Austin. Geoff built, and still drives (occasionally) a very nice Cobra replica (his son built one too) and also rebuilt the body for this very famous Austin 7 which is a credit to him. With the lack of grunt by today's standards in the Austin 7, which is very much original, I'll bet Geoff was glad to step into his bike engined BAE Mk.II at Collingrove the following weekend.


degruch said...

We were right across the road from the Jag whilst he was getting his ticket...aparently exceeded the limit by 7kph (unconfirmed), which seems a tad extreme (from the man with the radar). A Lamborghini Gallardo owner decided to give the track at try at 107kph on the Friday evening (being subsequently ejected from the event), which may have made the authorities a tad hyper-sensitive. I was disappointed the cars could not 'open up' a little bit, but the road and the barriers weren't up to the job...but having a radar on the track during the event seems ridiculous to me.

The whole event made me want to buy a Milano or a Meteor.

Colin said...

you have to have a laugh at the "small town' mentality of the government really, 107 Kph? They want to come to Bangkok where the speed limit on the elevated road near the airport is 60 Kph and every taxi is is double if not triple that speed. or Italy where the A-strada limit is 130 and traffic in the fast lane runs at 150 kph plus. A big country, slow speed limited, modern cars = boredom and loss of attention. Then in Oz it's not about speed or road safety is it, simply another method of taxation

John L said...

OK, OK everybody. I know the black Nagari is really dark metallic blue but it sort-of looks black to me.