Monday, October 26, 2009

Lobethal and Bolwells

In case you were wondering about the lack of talk regarding Bolwells, it's because there was no place for them in the scheme of things which appeared to have a cut-off date around the 1960 mark. You may well ask what the sprinkling of late model Ferraris etc. were doing there then. Well it had something to do with some sponsorship from the Ferrari/Maserati dealer. They, and the small number of group N touring cars did seem rather inappropriate, but the way their owners went mad out on the road may not bode well for them in the future. Anyway, a number of us were spectators and it just so happens that Jon and Lisa live right on the main street. Their front verandah was an excellent viewing platform and the back yard a very good car park. Here's a few Bolly members' cars in the said back yard.
Thank you Jon and Lisa for your hospitality and the sausage sizzle and the Coopers. Late in the afternoon Joan Shearer came struggling up the hill pushing Kevin in a wheelchair. They stopped for a chat and for Joan to catch her breath and I'm proud to say that the pushers for the rest of the trip to the top of the hill were Emily Baxendale and her young cousin of the same age. It was a great day for everybody. The plan was to go and familiarise ourselves with the Stafford Ridge stage while we were in the area. Dino knew all the spots and he was riding shotgun with Norm so I was to follow them to the first spot. There is no way a humble campervan can keep up with a potent clubman with the driver's eyes glazed over with red mist so where they went I have no idea. They were probably parked behind a rock somewhere laughing at me while I drove around looking for them.

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