Monday, October 12, 2009


Has everybody seen these?
"Apparently a 19 y.o. young bloke took out a VY HSV Clubsport (RED of course) for a test drive from Bundoora Holden in Victoria.
On the drive back to the dealer he gave a little too much gas around the last corner before the Dealership, lost control of the car, mounted the kerb and flew 10 metres over the gate into the front yard of the dealership.
Let's just say they are reassessing the rules of test drives from now on."

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Anonymous said...

Whoever let a 19 yo test a V8 in Vic would have questions to answer. All V8's are on the restricted list for Probationers, as are many high powered and Turbo cars. But what a way to finish a Test-drive, a question arrises: what carnage was left during the Test-drive??