Wednesday, October 21, 2009

For all of our Buchanan owning readers

Roo, who operates the Buchanan website, from US I think, (this is his Buchanan below),
has had a limited number of Buchanan Body badges made (they can be bought for $45AUS plus post)
as well as replica serial number plaques ($30Aus plus post).you can email Roo at or visit the website

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Colin said...

I still think its funny that the Peter De Mac special now apparently has an MGB chassis under it? Pretty good for a unitary body construction car. Must have been one of those very rare full separate chassis MGB's otherwise known as Morris 10's. Pity that the car has been butchered as it was very well built for a late 1950's special. Guy I sold it to put a 327 Chev and auto box into it, now apparently has MGB stuff - yuk.