Monday, October 5, 2009

The other anniversary for Pete.

September was the big month for anniversaries. Pete's third one was the 30th anniversary of his purchase of B8/54, the blue coupe, in September 1979. While some others have had their Bolwells longer, this was a big moment for Peter nevertheless and something many of us can relate to.
Lots of people will recall that way back in '79, the car came with the modified Valiant Galant tail-lights and the Falcon XY GT cast mirrors (since rectified I think).
Actually, I reckon the tail-lights don't look too bad.

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Anonymous said...

John, I don't know whether to change the taillights after all these years, I like the Pantera and Miura SV (what were they from?), I don't think I like any of the round ones, fitted to Nagaris or Sevens. BTW I actually prefer the look of XY-GT mirrors to the XA variety, even though they are considerably smaller, and much more difficult to set up correctly.
The only mods, I have made to the body since 1979 have been repainting the Jaguar Silver Blue, painting the tail Electric Blue (I think it was Black or very Dark Blue) and increasing the size of the late Nagari bulge, in order to fit an air cleaner due to the High-rise manifold.
Do you have photos of the old Club T-shirts and logo designs? It would be interesting looking back.