Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Collingrove, Oct.2009. A walk around the paddock - part 1

Let's start with the tin-tops and let's start the tin-tops with a few rotors. That should make the odd family member happy. This beautiful little R100 was there by default and at the discretion of the stewards. It belongs to Chris Redin (Geoff's son) who managed to do something terminal to his 998cc Cooper Special on the Saturday and brought the Mazda along as a replacement the following day. And what a tidy unit it turned out to be, both in appearance and on the hill.
The RX2 is the familiar Sports Sedan of Dave Cundy's. He doesn't half get stuck into it.
The RX3 of Pascoe Ayling's was also entered as a Sports Sedan. That's a great little car too, complete with flared guards. No flares on the R100 you'll notice.
This immaculate normally aspirated Datsun 1600 was so quick it beat Peter Hall's 260Z. That would have upset him, he's usually the benchmark for Datsuns. The other Z (240 version), jointly driven by Chris Ferguson and Andre Lukasz didn't quite reach him though. I wonder if Peter knew Kevin Mackrell was coming, although there's not much Datsun left in that monster.
This rotary powered Anglia sports sedan should be familiar to many. It went like hell on the day in the hands of Sergio De Luca. In the 80s it was one of the very fastest Sports Sedans at AIR, driven by Luigi De Luca.

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