Wednesday, October 14, 2009

At the drive-in.

Just had to show you this excellent photo. It was taken by Michael Jenkin at the Cruising Classics Drive-In night at the Mainline Drive-In for another showing of what's becoming a bit of a cult movie - "Love the Beast". Michael is the son of Alvin and Sylvia Jenkin and they were all there of course in the Jowett. Alvin is the editor of the Gawler Club's "Journal" and had a hand in the building of my original Mark 5 way back in 1965.Apart from the two Bolwells, club member, Colin L, was there in the orange Falcon, still looking for a Bolwell project of his own.

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Michael Jenkin said...

This was a great evening. I loved walking amongst the cars and then reclining in the Jowett for the movie. There are many more photos form the night. They are available on Flickr. If you were there on the night, there might be a photo of your car online.