Thursday, October 22, 2009

So many Bellets

It was very hard for me to believe just how many Bellets turned up for the Birdwood Classic this year. I would never have thought there'd be that many left! Many of them were the smart looking and well performing Bellet GTs. This line-up was a mere fraction of them.
In the foreground is a genuine Bellet BBQ. "That's nothing" say the P76 owners. Their barby comprises two P76 boots turned into a trailer with the proverbial 44 gallon drum inside as the barbecque itself. They're very proud of it.
Remember that Bellet Sports Sedan that used to run at AIR in the 80s? That used to go pretty hard.
All those Bellets reminds me of the huge collection of Datsun Fairladies (or should that be Fairladys when you're talking about a car model?) that came on the Birdwood run a few years ago. I think they had a Fairlady National Meet here around the same time. Once again, it was hard to imagine that there would be so many of them - 1500s, 1600s and 2000s.

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degruch said...

Bellett Nationals were held in Adelaide the same weekend...good plan I reckon, it's a shame more clubs don't tie their Nationals/Show 'n' Shines/etc. on the same weekend. Reminds me of the flood of Prince Skylines (mostly 4-cylinder) that invaded the B2B a few years back. Where have they all gone since?