Tuesday, October 13, 2009

2009 Bay to Birdwood Classic

This year was a "classic" year (odd number year). The distribution of the plaques and "goody" bags (named after Graham Goode) went very smoothly and must be at least partly due to the extra helpers we had this year. Roger Trethewey, the start manager, also reported relative smooth sailing down there as well. First to arrive were these 4 Mark 7s that left the start early after helping Roger.
We are lucky, we get to see most of the entrants up close as they stop at our marshalling point. Never let it be said that the Collins' Zeta runabout is the funniest looking car. The Nash Metropolitan from Broken Hill would have to go close to taking that prize. But wait until Duane gets his Bond Equipe on the road.
Smeetsy braved the weather to bring the Milano along. Some other roofless cars didn't turn up though.
A highlight (for me anyway) was the arrival of the DeTomaso family DeTomaso. The red Lamborghini Urraco just didn't compare.
Two Bolwell Club cars entered were non Bolwells. One was Ross's yellow Monaro, complete with BEECHEY numberplates and the other was Glen's red Scimitar GTE.
The Gawler Club had a very large representation but the Mt. Gambier mob was almost as big and they had further to come. Another large group that had travelled even further was the collection of mainly MGBs from the Geelong MG Car Club. They were all fitted out with flags proclaiming "Go Cats". Obviously sponsored by a pet food company. Talking of MGBs, there must have been hundreds of them. They would have even outnumbered the Mustangs and Falcons.
This Chev owner must have really been worried about the rain. He brought his boat along. But seriously, what a boat it was and beautifully restored.

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degruch said...

Hehe...a Bond Equipe will be odd, but no match for a Zeta or Metro. We'll see...the "Duane's Bond" is on track for an appearance in 2011.

Highlight was the Miano for me, plus a procession of Bellett GT's and sole Nissan Silva...as a Saints fan, hated the MG's (loved the P1800's).