Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alfas at Lobethal

The P3 Alfa Romeos were certainly the highlight of Lobethal this year. Add to that half a dozen GP Bugattis, the Delahaye, MGK3 etc. etc. It doesn't get much better. The Hipkins 30/98 was back again plus a sprinkling of decent Bentleys. Wow! Just imagine with only 6 of these P3s in the world, not one, but two of these cars are at Lobethal and neither of them are the ex-Doug Jarvis one that lived in Adelaide. Peter Giddings tells me that one is now in Germany.
The two P3s, both built in 1934, are not identical twins, however. Take the front ends for example. No.31 had an attractive beam axle with semi-elliptic springs and Hartford friction shockers........
.....but take a look at No.12. No springs. No shockers. The beam axle is rigidly mounted.
And while on the subject of springs, I had to show you the rear ones on Neville Crighton's 1921 Alfa G1. Two rows of cantilever springs. It wasn't just Bentley that made very fine trucks, Ettore!
And here's the two P3s looking quite at home in their tent.

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