Thursday, October 8, 2009

Quick release steering wheel

This is what I need, especially for little Mark 4s with big steering wheels. And for Colin here's a couple more photos of the Mark 4. That's Peter Taylour behind the wheel. And that's Jessie behind the gate showing absolutely no interest.

I wonder what that windscreen is from. It's too small to be FB Holden. Someone suggested Goggo.


Colin said...

I thought the one of you n Pete driving down the road was good. Windscreen is glass and who knows where from. Ok in SA but in Vic would have to lose it for an aero-screen. RWC rubbish and all that good stuff. We had planned to drive 3 Bollies and also bring the SR 6 to Mt Tarrengower Hillclimb but now I see BCCA Vic has a show on with Austin Healey people in Melbourne the same day. Guess perhaps organisers of hillclimb may not have allowed the SR6 to run at Tarrengower as somewhere on this blog I think I read that they asked the 350 Mk 7 to not come back as too quick.

Anonymous said...

That swing-away wheel is called a Fat-Man wheel, Is that what you really want?

degruch said...

The winscreen looks like a rear screen, as opposed to a front. I would have though a Goggo a little small, especially considering the one pictured is bulging at the sides of the Bolwell. ideas personally, sorry.