Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another page from Nov. ACC

This one is the 3rd page from a very relevant article about sports car racing in Australia when it used to be significant before the vested interests took over. The photographs are from Autopics' archive and include the Canon Bolwell and a Datsun 2000/Turner battle. Whoever was given the job of providing the captions wasn't doing it from their own knowledge base. I would have thought John Latham was well known enough not to have been referred to as "J. Lattan" and on a previous page an XK120 is called an Austin Healey 100S. Even in the text, I became a bit confused with "Bond's Bolwell was contending with Allan Moffat's Hamilton when they finished up clashing in the Loop". The clash was actually between Bond's Bolwell and Hamilton's Porsche which Moffat drove one year. Hamilton was the driver on this occasion.
The article itself is quite pertinent and took me back I must say.

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