Monday, November 23, 2009

New Releases

Here's a few new cars from around the world that might be candidates for Dino's top 10.
This one is the Arash AF-10 from Great Britain due for release next year. It has the GM LS7 90-degree V8 mounted longitudinally. The LS7 is 7 litres (427 cu. in.). Transmission is the Graziano GT-ME1 6-speed.
....and this is how it goes together.
This is the Plethore LC-750 3-seater from Canada which uses the old McLaren F1 central driving position. The car is merely 6.2 litres (376 cu. in.) but at least it's supercharged. It's the HTT 90-degree V8 with 6-speed sequential box.
And here's the about to be released Bufori CS from Malaysia. It is powered by a longitudinal front mounted 2-litre turbo straight 4. A racing version will make its debut in the Macau GT Cup and is homologated to FIA GT3 requirements.

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