Wednesday, November 18, 2009

"Car Styling" magazine.

Duane de Gruchy stumbled across a website with a quantity of new old stock Japanese "Car Styling" magazines, one from 1981 featuring that article on the Ikara. The price was around US$30 + postage per magazine. I'm sure Graham Nichols has a copy and without checking, I reckon there's a mention in the "Ikara Project" website. Duane has contacted these people and they have let him know that they have 17 copies of #34 in stock. Here's a link:-
If he gets 5 copies, the price comes down to about $20 - $25 each. They are great magazines and the articles are quite in depth, with lots of design content. Duane will have a copy and so will I. If anyone else wants one let me know and I'll pass Duane's email address on or whatever it takes.

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Anonymous said...

Yes you are right, I have a copy and it is mentioned on my website. It is a high quality hard-back book...any collector of Bolwell articles should get themselves a copy.

to preview the article go to this page