Monday, November 23, 2009

Some notes on the Classic Adelaide

The car is standing still here but what a sight and sound it was for everyone as Peter charged through the hills in this amazing vehicle. Keep an eye out for brother, Max, on the weekend in the Mustang at Eastern Creek.
Here's the CV8 again approaching the Stafford Ridge start behind Charlie Nott's TVR Chimaera.
This was the view from our position at the Stafford Ridge start near Lobethal prior to the stage getting underway.
I hope this shot of Hagen Zerk's XA GT hardtop is an inspiration to Eric Bana to get the finger out on the XB and get down to the real business of getting it back on the road instead of messing about starring in movies and stuff.It was great to catch up with Udo over the weekend. That's one of the plusses of the Classic, the old friends from interstate that you haven't seen for a while. Udo tells us that he's still not getting the times in the Roaring Forties GT40 at Hidden Valley that he was doing in the Nagari.
Congratulations to the Weeks team. 3 in a row's not bad hey.
Gary Tierney, who died in the event along with his co-driver, is remembered by his friends and ours in Victoria as "a hell of a nice bloke". He was a very successful businessman in Bendigo. He started Classic Rallying in a black DAX Cobra (with the loudest exhaust ever heard on a street car) and later competed in a Shelby Replica before moving on to Porsche 911s. Peter G was heard to comment that he hoped this and Brockie's crash don't see an end to this sort of motorsport. I don't think it will, but Peak Oil might.

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John L said...

I really want to congratulate Peter and Sari, first in the Heritage Section, third in Classic Competition (it took a couple of 240Zs to beat them) and second in the Team Section as part of Team Africa. I used to know what AFRICA stood for but it was unprintable.