Friday, November 27, 2009

Bufori BMS R1

Earlier in the week I mentioned the release of the Bufori sports. The R1 version has now had its race debut on Sunday at the Macau GT Cup. Driven by Alex Yoong, this Malaysian carbon-fibre and Kevlar bodied sports car completed only 4 laps before an accident caused by debris on the track.
Starting 28th on the grid, the car showed plenty of potential to immediately work its way into 23rd when a piece of debris got caught in the throttle linkage causing it to jam open. It's now back to Malaysia for some repairs and refinements before its next outing. Despite its short time on the track, lots of useful data has been gathered for use in the road cars and for future race outings. All looks good for the release at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2010.

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