Thursday, November 19, 2009

Desert sport

I have a Facebook friend in Lebanon called Bilal. He is an avid reader of Bollyblog and keen on the Lancia Stratos. From him I learn that there is a large following of Muscle Cars in Lebanon, that they have a rally series through the villages outside Beirut where Evos reign supreme and classic hillclimbs are not uncommon. They also have weekly organised events called "Desert Sport". I'm not sure if "organised" is the operative word. From the videos it would appear that the purpose is to gather together a bunch of Jeeps (mainly Wranglers) and go mad in the sand dunes. This activity takes place in Saudi Arabia every Friday, their weekends start earlier than ours. They must fly down from Lebanon surely. It would be a long drive and I'm not sure how they would get through Palestine.
Here is Bilal extracting himself from his pristine Jeep.There's no blaming women drivers in these parts.


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Have you also seen the insane drifting on city streets they do as well? Hi speed on public roads with lots of spectators and lots of death and destruction.

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