Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stafford Ridge and other stuff.

The text messages keep rolling in from officials assigned to my Stafford Ridge stage in the Classic Adelaide, piking out. It's just as well we have a few of our regulars from Macclesfield coming on board. I think we'll be allright (so far). Last Friday Colin L and I went over to "case the joint". I'm glad I did. I have a real feel for it now. It's an exciting stage. I'd like to be a spectator there one day. There's no chicane (no need for one) and no SOS point but there will be a need for hazard boards. There's hardly any houses along the stage and very few gates to tie but there is a big spectator viewing area, many more road closures than we are used to and an unfenced orchard that is going to require heaps of tape and droppers. I've got a bit of quiet time in the museum this afternoon so I'll be able to do my sums and get my order in for the necessary equipment (hopefully). I've just been informed of a Timing Meeting which will be taking place on Monday, 16th Nov. at Torrens Parade Ground from 8.00pm. It would be good if some of our timing people could get along to that, namely, Dean, Sheryl, Norm, Sarah, Jane, Phil, Barry H, Colin, Paul, Andrew, Astrid, Beven, Jenny.

Tyre Power at Blackwood are having a Pizza Night at 7.00pm on 17th November where wheels, tyres and suspensions will be discussed and options for individual cars will be explored. All Cobra and Bolwell Club members are welcome. Let Roger know if you are coming - 8278 7491.

There's hardly a weekend goes by without a car group travelling to or through Kapunda. Last weekend was MGs turn. MGs galore. The odd TA, TC, TF, MGRV8, and scores of TDs, MGAs, MGBs and MGFs. They were on their annual run which took them to Balaklava I think. They all had their Alpine Rally style sign screwed on the front. One white MGA was doing the trip on a car trailer with the rally sign attached to the towing Land Cruiser. I've never seen that before.

And finally here's Zander's new dog, Crumpet. He's a Spoodle. I haven't met him yet but I'm looking forward to it.

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