Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red Sports Cars.

They go faster don't they?
I just had to take a photo of this. I thought the back wheels and tyres on my old Pantera were big enough......but this?
This is the rest of the car. I guess it must belong to the DeTomaso boys as well. It had the same number on the side as the other one. Probably a spare car in case something went wrong with the first one.
Here's the two cars together on Friday night. I've decided there might be money in the vegetable business so today I planted a few more potatoes.
Here's the usual non-winged car at the start of our stage at Stafford Ridge.
Sean Brennan tricked us. He entered a Pantera but turned up with a Ferrari. Apparently the Pantera wasn't ready in time. We didn't see the Ferrari at Stafford Ridge. It had broken down earlier. Scott Baxendale caught up with Sean on the side of the road. Scott was riding shotgun in Roger Adamson's E-type and, judging by the big grin on his face, was thoroughly enjoying it.
....and here's another red sports car. I'm sure this was the NSX that was competing at Mt. Alma.I hope it managed to get through the Classic in good shape because next weekend is the NSX run to Currency Creek and so far there's 14 NSXs going. Can't wait for the photos. Tony Cullen is thinking about putting his NSX in next year's Classic. If Scott, Jim and Garrie join him we could have a team of four!

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