Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Out of the past

One of the really nice things for me in doing this blog is the ability to catch up with old friends from way back who discover the blog and make contact. This happens regularly and constantly. Last night I heard from Rick and Lynn Clough which was great. Many readers will remember them from the 70s. Rick was one of the small band of original Mk.7 builders that goes back to before there was a Bolwell club anywhere. We South Australians in the late 60s encountered Victorian Bolwell builder/drivers like Rick, Doug, Ron, John, John etc when we ventured over to Calder and when they drove over together to Mallala. Rick and Lynn currently live in Traralgon but are planning a move to Langwarrin soon to be closer to children and grandchildren. They still have the Mk.7 and Rick is competing in hillclimbs in this "historic" Datsun 1600SSS.
I'm sure there are others who are pleased to hear from the Cloughs.

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